Food Ingredients

Today, we are on the verge of a global pandemic of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Rightly or wrongly, fast and processed foods have take the brunt of the blame.

The Problem – A Global Epidemic

It is called the 4S Tsunami – Starch, Sugar, Salt and Saturated Fat. The effects are ballooning obesity and skyrocketing cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes. The fast food industry is increasingly being blamed. Although, it is low cost and offers convenience it is increasingly being seen as “unhealthy”. There is even talk of regulation and “sin taxes”.

The Solution – Natural, Cost Effective, Scalable

We may the only company on the planet which technology to make fast foods more relevant with technologies to reduce :

  • sodium content of table salt without the “metallic after taste”
  • “fat pull” into fried potato chips
  • glycemic index of bread and buns

All our ingredients are totally natural and are classified as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are also scalable to global demand and would be very cost effective.

The Solution - Low sodium salt

With basic chemistry, you can easily reduce or replace the sodium with potassium as they both have similar characteristics. Using a patented natural ingredient, we are able to replace sodium by 40 to 60 percent in salt with potassium without causing the unpleasant “metallic taste” - offering a health salt without compromising the taste. We are able to demonstrate this in both in water and oil based foods.

All the basic research and development was done in United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia.

The benefits of a low sodium salt:

  • low is sodium that has been linked to blood pressure and heart disease
  • higher in potassium which is clinically demonstrated to heart healthy
  • can be added to both water and fat based foods
  • stable to heat and can be cooked
  • easily be added to fast foods like the chips making them healthy

The Solution – A Low GI Bread

This is an elegant solution based on two common Asian foods – ladies finger and the Indian Dhall – used a very low concentration. They easily added to the food manufacturing process to create healthier bread, buns and pizzas that are not changed in their final form. They will have healthier outcomes without a taste compromise. The mix will reduce the glycemic index by 40%. In effect, it becomes “wholemeal bread” in GI value but it looks and feels like white bread. Hence, customer appeal and perception is not affected.

All the basic research and development was done in United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia .

The Solution – A Low fat chips

Using a patented “pre-soak” we are able to demonstrate a 40% reduction in the “fat pull” into the chips. We have repeated demonstrated that the chips are crispier, are less oily and have lower calorie content.

All the basic research and development was done in United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia ./font>

The “low fat chip” will be present the following benefits:

  • Healthier
  • This also helps the perception battle on the “unhealthiness” of fast foods.
  • Lower calorie content
  • 40% reduction in calorie can be demonstrated
  • More crispy
  • As it is less oily, it will be crispier
  • Less need to throw away over time due to sogginess
  • As there is less oil in it, it will be less likely to become soggy over time

Benefits – Everyone Wins

  • All natural
  • There are no synthetic or genetically modified ingredients

  • Proven and tested
  • All have been tested and validated at the laboratories in United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia.

  • No regulatory requirements
  • All the ingredients are labeled as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the United States Food & Drug Administration

  • Easily available
  • The ingredients are largely Asian foods and may be easily sourced in Asia.

  • Low cost
  • The ingredients itself are cheap and very low percentages are used. The impact on the end price would not be significant.

  • No final outcome compromise
  • The products do not change the taste or mouth feel. The customers would not detect a change in the final products. This goes against the perception that food that are healthy do not taste good.

  • No modification of processes and equipment
  • The ingredients can be easily added to the manufacturing process with any needs for upgrade of the equipment and modification of the process.